Day 15 – Madrid

Today is our last day in Spain.  We are free to explore the city on our own and we decided to walk around without worry and if we got lost we would take a taxi back to the hotel.

We made our way to the Plaza del Sol and the Plaza Mayor, both places we had been yesterday.  We walked uphill & downhill & into some stores & had a small sandwich & walked some more.  Apparently I had learned more from yesterday’s guide than I thought because we kept seeing the landmarks she pointed out and finding our way back to the Plaza del Sol.Last day 20160510_115257 web

In the Plaza there are lots of people dressed as characters and will take pictures with you, they would like a donation of course.  None of them are exactly right and most if them are way too tall.  We saw Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Mario, Luigi, Olaf and more.  There was also a guy balancing on a motorcycle.  At first we though he was balancing on his arms but then we decided he was laying on something and just keeping his arms and legs extended.

Our farewell dinner was preceded by a Flamenco demonstration and learning time, the history of the dance is pretty cool. It is important to pronounce the “c” as a “k” and not a “g”. It is a dance and not a bird.  At t20160510_184656he end Mom volunteered to learn the dance, she said she did it to embarrass me but she really did it to have fun.

We had a fabulous and incredibly loud dinner.  The room had an oval ceiling and the sound was everywhere.  I guess we sounded like a Spanish party.  The food was good and of course there was plenty of wine.  When we returned to the hotel, we all said goodbye and promised to email pictures.

All that is left is a long travel day.


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