Day 13 – Overland to Madrid * Explore Toledo



Travel day…

It is first communion Sunday and our lunch restaurant was hosting 19 lunches starting around 2p.m. or later.  The lunches are huge affairs that look much like a wedding reception and the little girls (about 9 years old & had their first communion today) are dressed in white frilly dresses and the boys (also about 9 years old & who had their first communion today) are dressed in sailor type outfits.  We arrived at 12:30 and many of the family and friends were at the front patio area havi6 escalators to top webng a drink and just hanging out talking until the lunch time, the kids were running around playing.  Interesting tradition.

On to tour Toledo (toe lay doe).  Cool set of about 6 escalators going about 3/4 of the way up the hill and then we walked the rest of the way to the cathedral.  Steep hills but they didn’t hurt as bad as they did on the first day…  Finally getting used to it I guess.  This cathedral had some pretty cool paintings that had all sorts of incorrect timing things wrong with it, for example a spanish suit of armor and a piece of paper during Bible times.  Apparently that is was how Greko painted.  Our guide, Carlos, was very informative and interesting.

After a few more stops, we drove to a point in the city where we could see the entire city.  Very beautiful!

6 20160508_173356 web

Here we are in Madrid, our last hotel before we head home.  Mom wants you to know that in her opinion, the bidet is a waste of bathroom real estate.

After exploring the backroads of Iberia, the city is loud and crowded.  Many people here speak English and the Starbucks and Dunkin are next to each other across the street from our hotel.  The waiter at the restaurant spoke to us in English and we said the words we know…   Gracias, Cervesa, and Vino Tinto. I imagine the breakfast buffet will have choices of things we like to eat and maybe some good coffee (if not, I know where I can find some).


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