Day 12 – A Day in the Life of an Andalusian Village * Explore Ubeda

okivetrees web olivegroves2 web

Olive oil..  Wow
The things I will remember without my notes:
* 50% of the worlds olive oil is produced in Spain
* There is an expiration date on the back of the bottle
* Use regular olive oil to cook and use extra virgin or virgin oil to flavor bread, salad, etc
* It has a spicy after taste

Cool, huh??

Home Hosted lunch today.  We were broken into groups for lunch.  Each group had 5 Euros to buy something from the grocery store to bring to the hostess.  Our group bought empanadas for 4.99..  still warm from the oven.  We thought it was a dessert but turns out these were tuna instead of fruit so we brought an appetizer..  Lol.

The lunch was so so so very good … 👍YUM

After a short Siesta we took a walk around the city and saw a few of the 10 churches (only a couple of priests who travel around) then several of us visited a hidden sinagog..  Tour was in Spanish but the tour guide was so nice she told us some things in English.

Then we went out for drinks and tapas.  When you order a glass of wine they bring you food.  Some places bring olives or nuts but this place brought tiny sandwiches the first time and open faced sandwiches the second time.  If you have 2 glasses of wine, you have had dinner.  (Still takes two hours).

Another good day!



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