Day 10 – Explore Ronda

balcony web house web mcdonalds web

Walked around Ronda today on a city tour.  Good guide, the history of this city is very interesting.

In our free time we took a hike 1/2 way down the gorge to see the waterfalls.  It was steep and no hand rails.  Going down was not so bad but coming back was difficult.  I almost had a panic attack several times because I am just not good with heights.  It was a very nice view.

In the evening several of us went to a guitar concert.  He was good.  I have never seen someone play the guitar like that.  He strummed and picked the top strings with his fingers at the same time.

I want to take a moment to talk about the hotel.  It is in the best location..  Looking over the gorge and we have great balconies.  The rooms are big and it is nice.  The pillows are not very comfortable and the water temperature fluxuated the entire time I was showering.  So far in Spain, they actually let you keep a towel for two days if you hang it back up. The towels have also been huge! No air conditioning but outside weather is cool so we open the window or door and let the air circulate.  Such little differences make the trip more interesting.

For dinner we went to the McDonalds next door to the Pousada and had a beer, because we could!

We are walking quite a bit each day.  I think the lowest mileage so far has been about 4.  The walkways are also cobblestone and uphill more than this flatlander is used to.  If I weren’t eating and drinking so much i would probably lose some weight.

Goodbye Ronda!


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