Day 9 – Overland to Ronda

Wed2 web

Goodbye Carmona…  Wish we could have spent more time visiting!

We drove through the mountains today and it was beautiful.  Stopped for a coffee at a little town and then visited a ranch that breeds bulls and horses.

The ranch was quite cool and the process is very interesting.  I learn something new everyday.  As it was pointed out today, your hamburger comes from a breeding farm ..  Here they sell all the animals to the butcher, there is just a public art form th
at includes the public killing of one of the hundreds of bulls prior to the sale.

The bullfighter trains Wed bulls webeveryday and it is almost like a dance.  Bulls are very smart and have never been in a ring before their single fight or the bull fighter would be killed instantly.  The bull fighter we met was very nice and answered all the questions we had.

Hello Ronda!

Wed gorge web

Our hotel is just beside a beautiful gorge.  I will not get close to or look over the edge but I look across the landscape and it is amazing.  We have a balcony that includes chairs and
tables.. So nice!

What is up with showers that don’t have full doors or curtains?  I suck at those..  Water all over the floor.  Maybe I will figure it out before the trip is over but I doubt it.

My sinuses are not bothering me today !! WooHoo..  That is so great!

Mom hasn’t smoked a cigarette since we left.  She has done great, especially since they smoke so much over here.  Today was a tough day for her but she made it to the end of the day without a smoke and without hitting anyone and only a few moments of grouchy.  Way to go Madre’




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