Day 8 – Seville tour

Staying in a castle ontop of a hill…  It is super cool and great view. Food is good but it isnt as good as last hotel.  Room is much bigger and towels are giant! I have found out that I just cannot take a shower in a tub with a 1/2 shower door without getting water on the floor.  I do not know why….

Went on optional tour of Seville today.

Paid 60 cents to use a public restroom, first time I’ve gone through a turnstile into a bathroom.

Overall..  Nice city and nice parks and outside cafes.

Big tourist event was the Cathedral.  The statue of Christopher Columbus was more accessible and easier to see than the altar.  The altar itself was a full wall of the story of Christ with gold plated carved mahogany.  Started with a picture of Bethlehem and ended with Jesus on the cross.  It was a marvel because of the engineering behind it but could not see past the bars in front well enough to appreciate the story it told.

Mom and I climbed 20 of the 34 floors tho the top of the tower.  Stopped along the way to look out and takes pictures.

Back in Carmona we took a walking tour of the city.  It was siesta time when we left and there were very few people out but by 6pm they were all around.  What a great city.  I  wish I had skipped the tour and hung out here instead.  I like small towns better than cities.  They have a city map showing different numbered things.  Those numbers are also on a brass or tile plate in the street.. Actually in the street like a grate.  How cool is that?  Tasted some local orange wine and local cheese in a visit to a pub.  Tried a wine bag…  Lol.  It is hard to squeeze wine out of the bag and into your mouth without spilling it!

We were the only ones in the restaurant at 7:30, other people started arriving about 8:30.  Takes 1.5 to 2 hours to eat so they didn’t get done till 10-10:30 and then home and then work tomorrow.  So different than at home.

Off to a new city tomorrow!



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