Day 6 – Explore Evora * Portuguese cooking lesson

day6 thur_faldoshow web Day6 thurdinner_kale web

Another great day.

We toured the University and spoke to two students about their classes and how they view their future.  They have a special uniform with a cape and a book that tells the rules about how they are too wear it.  They were fun.

Then a walking tour of Evora including two catholic churches and the creepy bone room.  Mass started at noon and at 11:55 only 10 people were there.  Our guide told us that most people would show up between 12:02 and 12:10

Today is May 1st.  Labor Day and Portugese Mother’s day so not too many shops open but quite a few people at the park and out enjoying the day.

Mom and I had lunch at a restaurant by ourselves.  Mom ordered chicken salad.  It was a beautiful plate of mixed lettuce topped by 4 pieces of broiled chicken.  Since it was mother’s day, I celebrated with a coke..  Served with ice and a lemon…  They knew we were Americans..  Lol.

Later we walked down to another hotel and had a cooking lesson.  Much like you teach a kindergartener to cook, it was mostly done for us but it was fun anyway.  Then while we had some wine and appetizers on the patio, they plated the food for us to eat…  It was a good dinner.

The walk home was not a stroll.  Several of us didn’t want coffee or tea so we left early.  The old people hiked up those hills quickly.  They use their walking sticks to go quickly not to hobble along.  They told me that by the end of the trip I might measure up to their standards and to keep trying.  I am going to sleep great tonight!

Only 4.8 miles today… Lots of hills and cobble stone streets..



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