Day 4 – Rural Portugal

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Today we left the hotel at 8:30 and took a driving tour of Lisbon.  Saw part of a taxi driver protest of uber, some very interesting architecture in the rich part of town and went across an 11 mile bridge.

In the county we learned to make tile.  Very labor intensive but also very beautiful.  We got to paint our own tiles. They will be glazed and fired and delivered to us in Madrid.

Then we went to a farm and learned to make cheese from sheep’s milk.  Mom helped separate the curds and whey.  Then we ate the cheese they made and many other types. The ricotta was so much better than I have ever tasted!  Of course there was both white and red local wine with lunch and dessert.

Then over the april 25th bridge (golden gate) and around another section of town to the hotel.  Really great bus driver today.

After a short siesta we took our walking tour of Lisbon.  We rode the trolly up to the top and walked around some neighborhoods with tiny sidewalks and restaurant tables on  the street with the cars and people.  Pilar treated us to a cherry liquor in a chocolate cup. Yum!  Then we went to a church and walked around and down some more.  The regular elevator wasn’t working so we went back up the stairs and Pilar paid for us to ride down the eifel tower elevator.

Then we all went on our own to dinner.  Mom went back to the hotel and I stayed out with some of the group and drank beer, ate pizza and watched people at a sidewalk cafe.

We rode a tuk tuk back to the hotel.  Our driver was nice but he would not have a license at home.  Good thing I had 2 beers instead of 1 or I would have been scared!

We only walked 4 miles today, mostly downhill but still tired.  Must be all the excellent food and wine we consume when we stop walking.

Packing to leave Lisbon in the morning.  Hope there is air conditioning at the next place.  It is not super hot but not cool in the hotel room.  We have our window open to let some air in.  Americans are so spoiled to have AC whenever we turn it on.



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