Arrive Lisbon, Portugal

New Picture             New Picture (2)

We arrived about 9 am Lisbon Time.  My phone wasn’t working and I couldn’t access my Starbucks Card so I spent my first Euro on a Starbucks at the airport.   It was not that good.

When we got to the hotel about 10, our room wasn’t ready so we got a map to go on a walk and have lunch.  We walked about a mile downhill on a beautiful street.  Lots of stores and signs in English and Portuguese.  Portuguese looks somewhat like Spanish in print so I could pick out a few words (thank you Duo Lingo).  We ate lunch at an outside cafe and then walked downhill another mile to the waterfront.

I told mom that this looks like what I would imagine San Francisco looks like with the cable cars and side streets but then there was a Times Square type building.

After we checked in to our hotel room and relaxed a little, we met the group for our welcome dinner.


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