Module 11

This module has 4 Labs — 3 are microscope labs and one is the Earthworm Dissection!  (YAY)

For the first class of this module, I had the students work on the first 2 labs — since we only have 4 microscopes and 10 students, the students waiting for microscopes needed something to do.  So, I searched my favorite blogs, googled videos and found some videos for them to watch.  I setup 3 laptops and setup the links to 2 videos per laptop.  Kept the students moving around the room watching videos and doing the labs.

The first video is of Budding in Hydra (30 seconds) :

The second video is of a Planarian (54 seconds) :

The third video is of Planarian regenerations- it is about 1/2 way down the page on the right.  It is long but good and gross:

The fourth video is of a Cnidarian (30 seconds):

The fifth video is very cool — 6:04 but interesting:

The last video is just for fun —

The second day of class we completed all of the microscope labs and made a paper model of an earthworm. I purchased the model from teachers-pay-teachers and changed it a bit because I thought the highschool students could be a bit more challenged. I had hoped that the paper model would help them to locate the worm parts during the dissection because it really helped me.


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