Module 6

This module is really important so we spent an extra week studying it.

Students continue to complete the Module Summary and OYO questions as they read the book.

We also completed the Edible Cell Assignment.  On the class day before the edible cell was due, I created 2 edible cells.  The first was made as a Taco Salad and the second was made from a pumpkin and various items in my fridge.  All of the students were handed the grading rubric and asked to grade these cells.  The Taco Salad received a 100 (it really should have gotten an 90) and the Pumpkin received a 35 (it really should have gotten a 70).  We need to review the use of a grading rubic again.

The test was a combination of the textbook test, questions from another person who teaches this class, a question from the Module Summary and the table created for the 6.10 OYO question with some blanks.  Although students were given the opportunity to bring a 5″x8″ card into the test with anything they want written on it, they did not do well.  I had them create a new card and gave them the exact same test again — they did better with the average grade increase of 10 points.


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