Module 2, 3 & 4


Hurricane Irma — we only missed 2 days of class but it seemed so much longer!  We still completed the Presentation but all assignments were accepted without being counted late until exam day.  NOT FUN for any of us!

The student workbook is making the labs so much easier to complete.  I use the grading scale as outlined in the book and the students utilize the lab areas for their sketches.

I have asked them to put a sticky note or paperclip or some sort of marker in the book in the sections they need graded so that I do not spend time flipping through the book.  In addition, homework is now a complete/incomplete/missing grade – makes it much easier to grade.



The students chose a topic from one of the three modules and give a 2-4 minute presentation to the class.  The presentation grade will be their test grade (1 test grade for 3 modules).

Our presentation visual aids included power-point presentations, a video presentation, and several boards.  One of our students made yogurt and brought some for everyone to taste.  Two of our students created games for the class to play and were given extra time for their presentations.  For several students, this was their first formal presentation.

We continued to complete the Module Summary and On Your Own questions but are not completing the Study Guide.

This worked very well and all of the kids have an understanding of all 3 modules.


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