Biology … Exp 2.2 & 3.1 … labs with pond water and microscopes


Hurricane Irma messed up the plan for these experiments.  The students had to complete Experiment 2.1 (Pond Collection) twice and were excused from Experiment 3.1 in the interest of time.



To keep the smell of the pond water out of the building, I decided to have the kids leave the pond water outside and make their slides outside.  This virtually elimates the possibility of spilling the samples inside the building.  Good idea!

I set up a table outside and moved class to an open area just inside the doors, maybe not a good idea.

This kids went outside, made a slide, came inside to look at it under the microscope and sketch an organism they found.  They then returned outside to clean the slide, make a new one and repeat the process.  With 9 students and 3 microscopes, they were able to complete 3 slides in the one hour class time.  They thought the microscopes were very cool and spent lots of time looking at everything.

For exp 3.1, I tried something different.  I had 3 students make a slide for the rice sample and had all of the students look at these.  I had 3 different students make a slide for the dirt sample and repeated the process.  We were able to look at all 4 types of samples during our hour but these was quite a bit of waiting around and class got loud.

Once again the kids thought all of the organisms were cool and the eggs smelled really bad.

I am not sure what we will do next time we need to make slides, but I do not think either of those ideas worked well so we will do something different.

On a more positive note, I am still having the kids line up and sit in a different order each day.  It helps me get to know them and it helps them get to know each other.  So far they have lined up in alphabetical order by first name, by last name, by birth month and by age.


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