Module 1


This year I did not require any reading before the first day of class.  When the class arrived we discussed expectations of high school students, expectations for the class, passed out the syllabus and the erasable pens.

We discussed the Scientific Notation and I passed out all of the items needed to complete the Quicker Picker Upper as homework.  We then completed the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich activity.  This year it was not as amazing because many of the students had seen it before and several of the students are very detail oriented.  Even though it was not as crazy, it was still fun and a good demonstration.



Today was our first Biology Class.  I had the class complete the Summary Module as they were reading the text and we reviewed the answers (through the page they read) and I highlighted information that was important.

With only 1 hour for class, we can’t read the book together.

When we discussed Scientific Notation, I passed out a copy of an example experiment called the Quicker Picker Upper that the kids can do and turn in for extra credit.  To highlight the importance of precise instructions, I took a line from the example experiment about how easy it should be to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.  One of our students (who was instructed in advance to be as literal as possible) attempted to make a PB&J Sandwich following the directions of the other student (who is facing away from him).

The first command – “Open the Bread” – set the tone for this demonstrations when he picked up the bread, looked at it and then ripped open the plastic.  Several of the kids took turns giving directions and they were showing him how to do it while they were figuring out what to say (they could not see each other).  The biggest laughs were:

Direction:Spread the PB around on the bread
Result: PB was put on the outside crusts of the bread.

Direction: Put 1/2 of the jar of peanut butter on the bread
Result: Took 1/2 of the PB out of the jar onto a napkin & put the jar on the bread.

Direction: Scoop Jelly out of Jar
Result: used his fingers to scoop out the Jelly

Direction: Wait, put the knife in the jar and then scoop out the Jelly
Result: He stuck the knife in the jar and then used his fingers to get out the Jelly


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