Apologia Biology


This year I will again be tutoring the Apologia Biology class at Co-op.  I have 6 students, all in the 9th grade and it is the first class of the day.  We meet twice a week for 1 hour each and homework of approximately 1 hour per day is assigned.  This year I have required all students to purchase and use the Student Workbook in addition to the textbook.  I have also supplied them with a black erasable pen so that I do not have to struggle to read light pencil writing or colored pens that are difficult to see and I do not have to look at large blobs of scratched out mistakes.



This year I have the privilege of teaching Apologia Biology at our Co-Op.  I will have 9 students and it will be their last class of the day.  I am busy making plans for a fun, interactive class and I hop to post some pictures and ideas of what we did.

To help with my planning, I am searching the internet and getting ideas from other bloggers: Mindful Ramblings, Donna Young and all the resources they list on their blogs.

It is going to be AWESOME!


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